Welcome to Save Jersey 2.0!

Welcome home, Save Jerseyans! After a hiatus that was far too long, Save Jersey 2.0 is here and ready to satisfy your ever-growing need for news and commentary on politics in New Jersey and beyond.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Brian McGovern and I am a life-long New Jersey resident and was formerly a casual contributor to Save Jersey. That changes today. My political activity is primarily focused in Camden County where I do consulting work for campaigns as a partner at Exit 3 Strategies, LLC. I am also the current Chairman of the Camden County Young Republicans and the Municipal Chairman of the Voorhees Township Republican Committee. And of course, in my “spare time” I am working toward my J.D. as a full time law student at Rutgers School of Law.

When Matt asked me to play a key role in the revamping of his blog, I will admit that I was skeptical, both about the commitment and my ability to do this blog justice. But during the two-week break my enthusiasm for this project has exponentially increased, in no small part due to the obvious dedication from the new blogging team to not only maintain the status quo for Save Jersey, but to exceed it.

At the head of that new team will be Alex Smith, a long time Save Jersey contributor who was literally with this project since its inception. Matt bounced the idea for Save Jersey off of her three years ago, even seeking her input on the aesthetics (making her an obvious choice to oversee the blog’s facelift). Alex chose the color green as the basis for this blog as the embodiment of hope and fresh perspective that it could bring to this state. In hindsight, with the incredible victory of Governor Christie and the national recognition Save Jersey has gained, Alex couldn’t have been more right.

Although Alex actually resides across the Delaware River, and goes to school in Washington, D.C., she has done an absurd amount of work in our state and knows the political climate as well as anyone. Her input will be invaluable to this blog and I look forward to working with her going forward.

This year will be the biggest year for New Jersey politics since Save Jersey’s inception, and there is tremendous work to be done. With nationally watched races like Adler vs. Runyan in CD-3, statewide redistricting, and of course our constantly visible Governor, New Jersey will be a constant battleground of issues and personalities. We hope that Save Jersey 2.0 will be your daily source for the news on the conservative revolution in New Jersey. So once again, welcome home…

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Save Jersey 2.0!

  1. Looks Great! I'm sure Matt would agree. I'm really glad you're excited to get Save Jersey back up and running again. You guys will do a great job!

  2. just a minor suggestion…..get rid of Christies face on top of screen, i dont hate the guy, but dont want to look at his ugly fat mug every time i come here PLUS he is NOT new jersey all by himself…..always thought the gold dome at the old SJ website looked very classy on top of the page….i would suggest you go back to it

    other than that , site looks nice….good luck and should be a busy 2 months coming up

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