Paul Moriarty Owes Me 3 Minutes Of My Life Back

Save Jerseyans it seems that the time has come again. To the dismay of everyone around, 4th District Assemblyman Paul Moriarty has decided to speak yet again. Today an opinion piece written by the Assemblyman went around the internet bashing NJGOP Chairman and avid Save Jersey reader Assemblyman Jay Webber. In this case, however, I am using the terms “opinion piece,” and even “written” very loosely. If you dare, read it yourself to see what I mean. Anyway, the reason for Mr. Moriarty’s displeasure? Jay Webber opposed a bill that would regulate business hiring choices that were not made based on any legal discriminatory classification, suspect, semi-suspect, or otherwise.

Here’s some background. Apparently some company existing somewhere placed an advertisement seeking job applicants, but were straightforward and clear about the fact that they were not seeking to hire unemployed workers. A bill came up for vote in the Assembly that would ban these type of help wanted advertisements. 18 Republicans voted against the measure, including Chairman Webber.

Instead of talking about the issue in a clear and educated way, Assembly Moriarty attempts to tap into your pathos and evoke an emotional reaction that does little for the unemployed or suffering businesses in our state. Here’s a summary: He begins by apologizing to “heartless elitists” for comparing Assemblyman Webber to them. Then completely mischaracterizes a conservative position on legislation such as this, while bringing up NJ Democrat platitudes about mythical tax breaks for millionaires, also known as job creators, and the like. Finally, in a climactic wave of a conclusion, Moriarty goes on to repeat his same sophomoric apology to “heartless elitists.”

Allow me to explain something to you, Assemblyman Moriarty. Restricting advertisements that businesses can use to hire workers is no way to save the unemployed. It is a cop out. Nothing but a ploy to make it look as though you are actually doing something when your party refuses to take any measures that would actually put business in a position to hire again on any significant scale. Does it seem wrong for a select few businesses to shut out the unfortunately unemployed of our state? Absolutely. But that does not mean that there needs to be a law restricting their ability to run their business as they see fit, so long as they are not participating in any illegal hiring practices.

This is the problem with Democrats. Whenever something goes wrong, they throw one of two things in its direction: regulations and money. Why not simply make these businesses infamous? Mr. Moriarty obviously has some sort of internet pulpit, so why not name names? Let the consumers see the regrettable business decision being made here, and chose to spend their hard earned dollars else where. A law will simply mask the problem, a band aid for a bullet wound, and nothing more. These businesses would still only hire currently employed applicants, but now will also be wasting the time of those who are unemployed and chose to apply. Had the unemployed known that this was a non-starter, they could have applied elsewhere. Furthermore, unemployment is not the only problem facing our state and nation, underemployment is also a real issue hurting millions of Americans. These jobs are places they would clearly seek employment, as their status of being currently employed gives them a fighting chance to increase their wages and standard of living for their families.

There are real ways to solve these problems, by fixing the business climate that has been regretfully stormy thanks to years of bad regulations and high taxes coming out of Trenton. Instead of resorting to the lowest common denominator argument, our government should be pitching real solutions.

It took me 3 whole minutes to read, and dismiss, Mr. Moriarty’s opinion today. I will never get those 3 mintes back. Please, Assemblyman, I beg you, don’t let it happen again.

12 thoughts on “Paul Moriarty Owes Me 3 Minutes Of My Life Back

  1. If I can stop you from posting your mindless partisan blather for 3 minutes, I've done my job! Thanks for the link to the article. Love the site redesign.

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