New Undercover NJEA Video Tackles Tenure for Touchers


The video above is by the same people who brought you New Jersey Teachers Unions Gone Wild a few weeks back, and its an interesting watch indeed. Over the last week or so I have been focusing on the NJEA’s pathetic excuse for tenure reform and their attempts to remake the image of tenure with the taxpayers and the media. This video comes just in time.

While the video is kind of long and starts out slow, it progresses to a point where the undercover “teacher” has many conversations with members of administrators and local union officials all over the state, asking for advice on how to handle his problem: he is about to be reported by a student for inappropriate touching.

Not only do the union administrators sympathize with him, but they offer advice and shrug the situation off as though it were no big deal. One man even goes so far as to say that where he works you can do whatever you want with the students and it does not matter. I was particularly dismayed to see that “Simon”, the covert producer of the video, called my hometown school district of Voorhees Township. He explained his disgusting and inappropriate situation on the phone and her first question is: “Are you tenured?” and that his tenure status makes a difference. Wait What?!?

How are we supposed to support the NJEA in its quest to represent the idea of tenure in a more favorable light, in a light that does not just make it out to be an easy ticket to a job (and benefits) for life, if the administrators themselves advise those claiming to be guilty of the worst of infractions to hide behind its seemingly impenetrable walls?