Philly Embarrasses NY…Again

So this might be a bit outside the scope of our blog, but being a South Jersey native I cannot resist the temptation to fuel the North/South feud and the rivalry between Philadelphia and New York City after a week like this one. The two regions of our state like to relate themselves to their respective out-of-state-but-nearby cities, utilizing their media markets and, of course, sports franchises as we don’t really have any of our own (unless you count the Nets and the Devils, but of course, no one does).

Last week Ed Sheppard had a great post about Philadelphia’s signing of Cliff Lee as he snubbed the more lucrative contract offered by the Yankees. Ed managed to cleverly connect it to politics. I’m not even going to try. Just watch this video and see what embarrassment looks like for the Giants.


So let’s just keep a tally from the last few days.

  1. Cliff Lee snubs the Yankees for the Phillies
  2. Philadelphia Flyers beat the NY Rangers 4-1
  3. Philadelphia Eagles come back from way behind to beat the Giants with 0 seconds on the clock

So it seems that right now, its South Jersey/Philadelphia 3, North Jersey/New York 0. Let the war continue!

One thought on “Philly Embarrasses NY…Again

  1. World Series Titles: Yankees – 27 Phillies – 3

    Super Bowl Titles (Not a Giant fan so I don't care, but for the record): Giants – 3 Eagles – ZIP

    I'm a Devils fan and despise both the Rangers AND Flyers so screw 'em both.

    Philly may have won the battle for now, but not the war. Besides that, they're PHILLY. Their most famous and recognizable athelete of all time is a fictional movie character, mind you, who I'm a huge fan of, but it doesn't say much for the city from a sports standpoint.

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