Tim Pawlenty (Yaaawwnn…Oh, Excuse Me!) Likely To Announce Presidential Plans Today

I usually try to stay away from non-news Save Jerseyans, but I guess this could be of interest to someone somewhere. Governor Tim Pawlenty, arguably the least compelling person to be running for President in 2012, has announced that anyone who “Likes” his Facebook page will be privy to a “special message” at 3:00PM this afternoon. In the interest of full disclosure, I have not “liked” his page, and I likely will not do so.

Governor Pawlenty’s 2012 candidacy was basically announced in 2008 when he did not get the Vice Presidential nod from John McCain, who clearly saw that adding a second somewhat dull person to the ticket would not have been a smart move (whether his actual choice was a smart move will be debated until the end of time). Pawlenty has been traveling the country for the last two years trying to gain name recognition outside of Minnesota.

Anyway, if you are in the mood to be completely underwhelmed this afternoon, head over to Pawlenty’s Facebook page at 3:00PM for the announcement, that is, if you actually want the Facebook news feed telling your friends that you “like” Tim Pawlenty.