UPDATE: Maps Here! Get Ya Maps Here!

Here’s the winning Democrat map that will be voted on later today was just approved as the official redistricting map. (h/t WSJ)

Some highlights?

  • No Buono vs. Vitale battle royale in Northwest Jersey.
  • Freshman Assemblyman GOP Domenick DiCicco is moving from LD-4 to LD-3… Steve Sweeney’s district.
  • In the new LD-30, it’s a GOP primary between Rob Singer and Sean Kean. Will Kean give it a go? Or run for Assembly instead?
  • South Jersey’s LD-6 just got bluer with the edition of Camden County’s Pennsauken Township. The winner of this move? Norcross’s favorite empty suit: Budget Chair Lou Greenwald. The Loser? Pam Lampitte or Jack Conners. Conners formerly represented the 7th but is a Pennsauken resident. Will he move or fight Lampitte for the second Assembly seat?

Click to make it bigger for a town-by-town breakdown: