Donovan to Stump for Youngest Candidate in NJ

For many reasons, Sara Rosengarten is by far my favorite candidate for the New Jersey Assembly in 2011. At 25 years old she is the youngest person in our state vying for an office in Trenton. She is, in a sense, the face of the younger generations who understand the seriousness of fiscal problems we face, and stand behind the governor in his movement for reform, rather than behind the unions and special interests that so many get fooled by. In a recent press release I received from her staff Sara said this,

The youth vote and voice is often ignored and the time has come for that to change. Young people in New Jersey are hopeful that our state will make the right choices to ensure that they can actually afford to stay here, where they grew up, and start their own families. If we stay on our current path, that desire can never be a reality for so many young New Jerseyans.

We need more young people running for office who get it, Save Jerseyans. While LD36 is traditionally quite blue with some big names, like dual office holder Gary Schaer and Paul Sarlo, there is in fact an open seat this time around. Stranger things have happened, and when there is someone working hard with the right ideas, anything is possible. So I am going to be keeping a close eye on this one.

I am not the only person who seems to have caught on to this campaign. Bergen County Executive Kathy Donovan, fresh off of her 2010 victory as much of Bergen was turning red, has turned her sights on the LD36 campaign and is coming out to stump for Rosengarten at her campaign kick off this week.

As I have already announced on twitter, Save Jersey is going to be at the event Thursday night at 6:00 at the Bergen GOP headquarters in Hackensack looking to do some interviews. I would encourage anyone up in the Bergen area to go and help kick off what could be a huge pick up in Bergen this year.