Proof that God is a Republican

…or at least doesn’t like lying Democrats with potty mouths!

Watch Senate President Steve Sweeney nearly struck by lightning during an interview with FOX 29. He was complaining and whining about how Chris Christie deceived him on the budget and BOOM! Mr. Tough Ironworker was off running with his crowbar tucked between his legs! Tip O’Neill always complained about his “friend” Ronald Reagan when the cameras were on but Sweeney’s pathetic hissy fit must’ve crossed a line for the Almighty, Save Jerseyans.

It’s priceless:


3 thoughts on “Proof that God is a Republican

  1. I don't care how hard or long you rub, you can't shine manure. This budget attacks EVERY tax payer in NJ. By extrapolation, that means it benefits the 16,000 millionaires who own 90% of the state's wealth but only pay 40% of the taxes. The rest of us get to divide the remaining 10% of the state's wealth but pay 60% of the taxes. And the millionaires need a another tax break?? Give me a break! Take your tea and party somewhere else!

  2. Wait! This can't be true…God loves poor people and wants to help them…republicans just want the poor to go away and leave them alone. So, God can't be a republican. Stands to reason.

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