Liberal Media Tries Carl Johnson for Lou Magazzu’s Crimes?

Indulge me for a moment with a topical hypothetical, Save Jerseyans, in which Governor Chris Christie emails nude pictures of himself to a fictional woman he met on the Internet… or in Iowa? Wherever. It doesn’t matter.

Just assume he actually perpetrated this dastardly, filthy deed and, sometime later down the road, said fictional woman gets in touch with The Star-Ledger‘s Whiner-in-Chief Tom Moran regarding her illicit relationship with the Governor of New Jersey. She eventually reveals the existence of the icky photographs to Moran who, in turn, gleefully publishes them on his blog. Under this fact set, would ANYONE in the media question whether Moran did the right thing, let alone wonder aloud if he committed a crime?

I highly doubt it. But since the whistleblower in the real-life Lou Magazzu scandal was taking down a Democrat party boss instead of a Republican darling then hell! The media responds by grilling the whistleblower, Mr. Carl Johnson of Millville, and Magazzu’s attorney is on network television ready to press for third degree criminal charges:


Aside from legal threats, a PhillyMag blogger went so far as to describe Mr. Johnson as “an underemployed artist/deadbeat dad/troublemaker from Millville in New Jersey’s Cumberland County with a hyperactive interest in politics and a rather low opinion of Magazzu.”  The questions in this particular piece were downright nasty and pro-Magazzu, so much so that the reader could almost forget which guy served as a citizen journalist and, on the other hand, which dude emailed perverted pictures to a random woman.

We make no judgment of Mr. Johnson’s character like Philadelphia Magazine’s blogger. I don’t know the man – it’s not really important. What IS important is how this story epitomizes the very reason why blogs like Save Jersey exist and thrive: to preserve prospective when old media outlets try to blur the lines, underreport the truth, beat-up honorable citizens and protect scumbag liberal jerks from just public condemnation.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Media Tries Carl Johnson for Lou Magazzu’s Crimes?

  1. Get over it. The Philly Blog piece is the best and most fair out of all the coverage. It's the only one that allowed Carl to express himself in his own words without being edited down or editorialized.

    I guess I'm an idiot for giving credence to a troll post on website that hogs views and doesn't even link to source material (yeah, I saw that on MagazzuWatch, you thief), but there it is. You partisan hack.

  2. Well said, Derp. The piece was indeed fair, and I didn't think the questions were sympathetic to either side. Interesting how the writer slants and lies about every fact he can, while simultaneously pointing the finger at other "scumbags".

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