NEW POLL: Christie’s Numbers Way Up Since Pension Reform

Last May was a very different time in the State of New Jersey. We had a raw deal with pensions and benefits, there was no decreeable budget agreement, we hadn’t had a hurricane in quite a while, and the possibility of Governor Christie running for President was literally zero. Well clearly things change.

Back in May according to this same Fairleigh Dickinson/PublicMind Poll, Governor Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey was 44% with a disapproval rating of…44%. It was an even strength match of cheerleaders and detractors. Fast forward to September 27, 2011, and we have quite the shift.

Governor Christie now enjoys an approval rating of 54% with a disapproval rating of only 36%. To give this some perspective, the Governor’s numbers are basically the opposite of the President’s nationwide!

Not everyone is thrilled, as is usually the case. Public employee households contribute an approval rating of only 37% with a disapproval of 57%, but when you take them out of the equation the numbers actually shoot up to 59% approve and 30% disapprove.

There has also been an equally large swing in the right track/wrong track question. Back in May 36% said that New Jersey was heading in the right direction. Now, just a few short months later, that number has jumped to 45%.

One thing the left can’t fight (even though they try) is math. These numbers do not lie. New Jersey’s are happier to have a governor who works to get things done for them. Pension reform, unilaterally cutting money we did not have from the budget, and the Governor’s active response to Hurricane Irene were arguably the biggest displays of leadership of the summer, and they directly contributed to these numbers.

If certain rumors in the mainstream media are not true, then I’d expect we will have another two years of continued reason to boost these number again and again.