Loopy Loretta Wants to Put a Leper Bell on Governor Governor

Your favorite senile senator is at it again, Save Jerseyans

According to the AP, Sen. Loretta Weinberg will introduce a bill mandating that Governor Christie notify the state legislative leadership every time he leaves New Jersey for ANY reason (public or personal business). Of course all of this is a transparent political move following a Christie visit with the monied and super-conservative Koch Brothers. Because, you know, he’s the first politician ever in history to visit with a rich guy who happens to like his policies. No one is alleging any campaign finance improprieties, mind you. This is 100% about trying to put a ding in the almost impervious S.S. Christie dingy.

What is the Governor to you anyway, Loretta? A leper in need of a bell?

I won’t even touch the constitutional/legal ridiculousness of a legislature trying to audit the governor’s personal time.

And why didn’t she speak up when Governor McGreevey was sneaking away for sexual encounters in Turnpike rest stops? Or when Governor Corzine was dating a union leader with whom he was supposed to be negotiating on behalf of state taxpayers? Would’ve been nice to have notice of those activities. Just no visuals, please.

But what a witch, huh?

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