Did Michelle Obama Really Say “All This Just For the Flag” at 9/11 Ceremony?

Did Michelle Obama Really Say “All This Just For the Flag” at 9/11 Ceremony?

I’m no lip reader, Save Jerseyans, but it sure looked like Michelle Obama whispered to her hubby…

All this just for the Flag?

Before shaking her head in a seeming display of disbelief and – dare I say, “disgust”? – during one of last week’s September 11th ceremonies.

Granted, there is also a non-cynical explanation for this video clip, too. She could’ve meant it in a reverent way, e.g. “Wow! Isn’t it amazing what these folks do to honor our American Flag? Gee wiz…” Yeah, it’s possible. But the First Lady doesn’t do reverence very well. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that this is the same women who infamously said “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country” for embracing the Obama Family. That attitude doesn’t usually lend itself to spontaneous displays of patriotic fervor!

Be your own judge. Watch the viral video below:


74 thoughts on “Did Michelle Obama Really Say “All This Just For the Flag” at 9/11 Ceremony?

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself for printing this kind of trash about Michelle Obama. You don't know what she "whispered," you weren't there, you're relying on a partially-obscured view of her in a video, and you can't read lips, but that doesn't keep you from attributing the most despicable motives to her in a public forum.

    If your kind of thinking is supposed to "Save Jerseyans," I fear for our state.

  2. I can't help but wonder if maybe she is thinking it should be a marching band of our own military heroes, not bagpipes and kilts. Just maybe? She is saying a few more words than "All this for a flag"

  3. If you're new to this site, they you just don't understand that facts never get in the way of their stupid comments. Matt is usually better than that, but hey, I guess he's just joining in on the bandwagon of making anything up as long as it's against a democrat, and this President and First Lady in particular. Sad really.

  4. Let's accept for a moment that you're right. If she doesn't want to be misunderstood, then she should SHUT UP when the Flag is being honored. Whispering is rude under even normal circumstances, Rick. You know that.

  5. I hope you're joking Matt…whispering to your husband…or wife, would seem to be perfectly acceptable under any circumstances. Its not only acceptable, but part of the intimacy between spouses. Maybe you'll realize that one day.

  6. I've shared plenty of whispers at weddings, fundraisers, movies, speeches, baseball games and other assorted events.

    But a solemn 9/11 event is NOT the time for snarky comments under your breath. Can't we at least agree on THAT?

  7. Again, you're just speculating that it was a "snarky" comment. You don't know that. You are simply making that up. Can we at least agree on THAT?

  8. I have my nephew who is deaf since birth and attended a school for the deaf in St. Louis,Mo. He lip read and also signs he is now 48 years old and works as a CPA…I think he is very qualified to give me his thoughts and expertise in lip reading..Michelle says "All that for just a flag" and besides her facial expression follows what she is saying..she rolls her eyes and smirks.

    With just that she does not even have to speak..facial,body expressions mean alot to those who are deaf and unable to speak..her eyes spoke for her as well, her very dislike for America and the ceremony.

  9. Well Mary…its seems like I can tell exactly what you're thinking too, without ever seeing your face. The last line speaks volumes about where you're coming from. The First Lady…and I'm sure, The President, will never do anything good in your eyes. So, I will certainly take your comment with a single grain of salt. I looked at that video and half of what she's saying is covered up, so you and anyone else are just speculating. But hey, you can go on believing what you will believe because no amount of evidence will ever convince you otherwise. Kinda like a birther. Hey…how come we haven't heard much about them anymore? Where did they all go?

  10. Hey Ricky Schroder, instead of changing the subject, how about you acknowledging the nice lady's lip reading expert nephew? Or do you believe that deaf people knowing how to lip read is actually some right-wing plot?

    I myself have no clue what she said because I admit that I can't read lips. So when I have a choice between listening to a deaf man who has been reading lips for over 4 decades or you, whose big thing is to insult people, make assumptions about them and label them, and ignore the facts while at the same time demanding them, and offer no expertise or logic at all, I'd have to be as dumb as you to side with you.

    Mary, I'm sure all the rational people here would love to get input from your nephew, one of the few qualified people who can discuss this matter. Just just tell him to ignore Rick.

  11. Thank you, Nancy, for the most intelligent response to this brouhaha I've seen yet. I'm surprised that there hasn't been some insight into what was actually said available by now.

  12. Rick – Let's just hope they keep up the anti-Obama rhetoric to the point where it finally bites them in the butt. The Right is well-practiced in repeating lies so often they're finally accepted as truth – as is the obvious case here.

  13. Yes, Heather, you're absolutely right. There really seems to be a positive correlation between (1) Republicans turning up the pressure on a failed presidential record and (2) Republican electoral misfortune at the national, state and local levels…

    Did you catch the sarcasm there? It's hard to be subtle because not all of my liberal readers are capable of picking it up. Rick is a special case.

  14. A ha! Another Fox News plant story to discredit The One! See!? It's right there at the bottom of the video! A Fox News Banner! Michelle disgusts me and her husband is a disgrace.

  15. I don’t read lips; but the way she rolled her eyes and with a less then pleasant facial expression along with a bad track record on how she felt or still does feel about her Country; it’s not hard to assume whatever she said was not in good taste. And Obama himself has a bad track record with some of his past affiliations and he also has said controversial things about America before and after he was elected President, such as his trip abroad apologizing for America; I found that extremely insulting that a POTUS would do and say such a thing.

  16. Agreed. As one who has particpated in many a ceremony; a 911 memorial leaves NO room for whispers of any sort. Then again, what does one REALLY expect when even the pledge of allegiance is not honored?

    POTUS is already a betrayer of the US. And so is his wife who previously was not proud to be an American. Trust me, WE are not proud she, or he, is here either.

  17. The Obamas have nothing but contempt for the American people. How did they manage to squeeze in that little short ceremony between taxpayer funded vacations? God forbid they respect anything but their own agenda. Obama will be a one-term president, because people are beginning to see him for what he is, and are finally beginning to question why every personal file about his life is sealed as tightly as Fort Knox.

    I for one will be voting NOBAMA, and hope that the rest of America finally opens their eyes to the fact that this pseudo-American and his lazy, arrogant wife who has a staff of 22 costing Americans over 1.5 million dollars helping her do absolutely nothing are uers and abusers of our system, and need to go!

  18. Well i have to say the Flag is a piece of cloth, and the reverence it is given makes it Idolatry. Something that as you know the God condemns in the Bible. For a country (yes I am American) that states on its money that "In God We Trust" and in its pledge says "One Nation Under God", clearly we do not either trust or follow Gods rules. Pride is good to a point, but excessive pride is a Sin. The only one that deserve that kind of reverence is God himself.

  19. David,

    Shut up; you sound like a moron.


    Pack up your crap and get outta here; you're a synthetic, make-believe president. Go back to community organizing and your thug Chicago buddies.

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