Way to Go, Holt and Pallone: Fort Monmouth Closes Today

Way to Go, Holt and Pallone: Fort Monmouth Closes Today

Fort Monmouth is closing today, Save Jerseyans, after 94 years of service to its country.

Some major military and civilian technologies like FM radio and radar were developed, at least in part, at this rather expansive government instillation co-hosted by the towns Tinton Falls, Eatontown and Oceanport. Today’s closure marks the end of a prolonged, painful and at times controversial campaign to save the base after the Department of Defense recommended shuttering it back in May 2005.

These Monmouth County communities now stand to lose approximately 5,000 jobs, and the state’s overall economy may be looking at a billion dollar kick in the rear. Redevelopment plans are underway. Let’s hope it goes better than the Meadowlands. I’d rather stare at an oil rig than another Xanadu when I’m vacationing at the Shore.

So thanks for NOTHING, Congressmen Holt and Pallone. Our Congressional delegation already recoups the lowest “tax dollar paid-to-tax dollar returned” percentage of any state in the union. What value does incumbency have if the incumbent are this utterly impotent whenever the constituency really needs an assist?

All that’s left is to watch the retirement of colors below; real tearjerker, especially for you Army families in the audience:


3 thoughts on “Way to Go, Holt and Pallone: Fort Monmouth Closes Today

  1. You should be thanking "W" for the closure. Holt, Pallone, Smith and more tried telling them that the numbers were skewed and it would cost millions more to close than to keep open. But the Bush administration just didn't listen. So, maybe you should thank the people that are REALLY responsible.

  2. Oct 2007 …FORT MONMOUTH ECONOMIC REVITALIZATION PLANNING AUTHORITY…Chair Lucky asked for remarks from U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, U.S. Representative Frank Pallone or U.S. Representative Rush Holt or other Members of the Congressional Delegation or their staff members. None were offered

  3. It's not the job of POTUS to advocate for one state against another. Maryland benefited from this BRAC move. We didn't. And our mostly Democrat delegation (I believe 9 Dems to 6 Repubs at the time counting senators?) did NOTHING.

    Holt and Pallone will have to work extra hard for Monmouth votes in 2012!

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