NEW POLL: Christie Within 1% With Obama Head to Head

The media has not given up and the fever is now spreading to the masses. A Rasmussen poll released today shows that in a head to head match up with President Obama, Governor Christie would lose by only 1 point: 44% to 43% with the rest undecided. If President Obama continues on his current course, I think we can all determined where those undecideds will go.

So that is what the media trumpeting today. “Run Christie run” they continue to say. For what reason I am not sure. The Star Ledger is leading the rumor mill today, likely because they would love to get Christie out of New Jersey. But what isn’t the media reporting about this poll.

Well for starters, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is leading the President 44% to 42% respectfully. Hermain Cain is also within single digits of catching President Obama, and for someone with such little name recognition that is rather impressive.

Finally, there is more about our Governor. Of all the people polled, only 26% think that Christie is going to throw his hat in the ring, and only 20% think that he actually should run. So even though 80% of respondents do not think that Christie should run, nearly half would vote for him over President Obama anyway!

I am remaining firm in the same thing I have been saying for months. Governor Christie is not going to be running for President. The media is going nuts over him now because its good for ratings, or page views, or newspapers sales, or whatever. It also allows them to highlight the “weakness” of the current GOP field without actually having to say anything negative about any candidate in particular. If you are looking to the Governor to jump in and waiting to pledge your support elsewhere, please, please, PLEASE give it up.

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