Bergen County Exclusive Interviews: Part III (John Driscoll – LD38)

It’s that time again Save Jerseyans! 11:00AM everyday this week we are posting a new video from Operation Save the State House. This past weekend we were in Bergen County, covering LD38 and LD36. As I have said over and over again (and now realize that I mentioned in almost every interview) the 38th District is the biggest chance for a pick up for the GOP this year, and everything we saw going on in that district was incredibly encouraging.

Today’s video is a great interview with Freeholder John Driscoll, Senate candidate in LD38. We address topics from the resurgence of the Bergen GOP in the last few years to incumbent Senator Gordon’s attempt to take the town of Teterboro off the map without any local consent. Lots of great information from the top of the LD38 ticket.

Check back at 11:00Am tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr.!