Christie Stumps in Mississippi For Bryant this Week

Even though he is not running for President, our Governor still has some traveling to do. This Thursday Governor Christie will be leaving the the early-wintered New Jersey for Mississippi. Once there he will be stumping for Phil Bryant.

Bryant is the Republican Gubernatorial candidate who will be replacing Haley Barbour in the Governor’s Mansion. In a state where Republicans do very well, and where he has a spending advantage of more than five to one, the race is basically a lock.

The trip will likely be a good one for the Christie re-election coffers. Every time he travels he seems to bring home a nice check for the NJGOP, which is always a good thing. However, some Republicans are not so pleased.

Then again, when isn’t Rick Shaftan mad at the Governor? But I’ve digressed. While it does seem a bit strange for the Governor to be leaving the state on the Thursday before an election day where the entire New Jersey Legislature is up for re-election, it is not as though he has not been doing anything for us lately. In the last two weeks Christie has been everywhere from Bergen to Cape May raising money for our most competitive races. And to be honest, he does a lot of traveling, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Those poll number just keep on rising…