UPDATE: Corzine Wasn’t a Risk Taker… Just Reckless with Other People’s Money!

The FBI always gets its man, Save Jerseyans.

Is that man now Jon Corzine?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into whether $700 million missing from the former New Jersey Governor’s company, MF Global, is indicative of criminal action:

An MF Global executive told regulators early Monday that the company had diverted client money, according to an official familiar with a separate probe by regulators. It isn’t clear where the money ended up or what it might have been used for, the official said. 

All three people spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly. This is the latest public embarrassment for Corzine.  

To make matters worse for the beared wonder, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has decided to issue its own subpoenas. I expect that he is “lawyering up” as we speak. Unfortunately for him, a prospective jury of his peers won’t include Garden State journalists. A sympathetic liberal media is approaching Corzine’s plight cautionusly, explaining that this latest incident is consistent with Corzine’s history of “risk-taking.

I respectfully disagree with the fourth estate. It’s symptomatic of Corzine’s idiocy, recklessness, and shocking disregard for other human beings.

To be a true “risk-taker,” Corzine would have to back up his risks with his own money. Yet he never has! His gambling binges are always financed by other people’s money. As Governor, he had plenty of “ideas” but none of them were fiscally responsible; every plan involved borrowing large sums of money that state taxpayers – not Corzine – would be personally liable for. So when the state’s credit rating eventually went into the toilet and Trenton’s coffers had finally run dry, Corzine lost reelection… and took a fancy vacation for his trouble before landing a new multi-million dollar assignment at MF Global. No one made him repay a dime to the treasury. And if MF Global goes belly up (as appears to be the case), Corzine will receive a pre-contracted $12.1 million golden parachute.

Where’s the risk for Corzine??? Why doesn’t Moody’s downgrade him? This jerk never suffers the consquences of his incompetence because he deliberately avoids the exposure. New Jersey residents and MF Global’s clients/employees/investors are the only ones who got burned! Someone who mortgages his or her house to open a dream small business is a risk taker. A young middle class family welcoming a new child into the world is taking a risk. A U.S. solider in Afghanistan is taking considerable risks, too. Corzine doesn’t fit in any of these categories. He’s a damn coward, Save Jerseyans!

The only personal risk he might have taken is breaking the law. Hopefully the FBI will get to the bottom of it before Corzine strikes again and “takes risks” with someone else’s livelihood.

Matt Rooney
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  1. What would've been a real risk? Bucking his party and governing like a conservative. He's 100% coward.

  2. We'll see how intelligent the voters of NJ are in less than a week. I'd like to think they won't return the same band of thieves to Trenton & local office, but history has jaded me. Corzine's antics ar not surprising. Anyone remember Karla Katz?

  3. – It's going to be a long and ugly four years beginning in January, and I'll be very ssuirpred if New Jersey isn't worse off when he leaves office. Corzine's inability to market his own successes, plus voter dissatisfaction amplified by the GOP talking doom and corruption, handed Christie his new job. He ran an all-negative campaign and hasn't revealed any concrete plans. Thanks for this picture. It indicates he's had at least a couple of makeover sessions since then. Speaking lessons should be next. His victory speech was rattled and repetitive, and drifted into a stump speech on automatic and a promise to turn Trenton upside down. Hardly a gracious winner. There's reasons New Jersey hasn't elected a Republican to statewide office for the past 12 years. Too bad it had to be him to break through.

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