Why Does Loretta Weinberg Have Such Terrible Taste in Men?

Why Does Loretta Weinberg Have Such Terrible Taste in Men?

Former Governor Jon Corzine: Sugar Daddy for Corrupt NJ Politicians!

Abandon ship!

CNBC reported this morning that Jon Corzine has resigned from MF Global.

Corzine’s announcement comes just hours after we learned that FBI agents are investigating the disappearance of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in missing client cash from the company on Corzine’s watch.

Corzine’s ultimate fate is unknown… stay tuned. My immediate concern? Why does State Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) has such absolutely terrible taste in men?

Loretta was among Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme “victims.” I put that word in quotation marks because some people genuinely got taken by the crooked former investment tycoon; other allegedly “sophisticated” folks, however, should’ve stopped being greedy, wised up and questioned Madoff’s strangely awesome returns. Keep in mind: Madoff’s victims were rich, successful, “sophisticated” people! The elite 1%, if you will. Loretta passes as a defenseless little grandma when it suits her. You and I know she’s anything but. So why didn’t Loretta question Madoff’s methods until the money was gone?

She may wonder that herself.

And sure, anyone can make a mistake once. The amazing thing is that Loretta learned absolutely nothing from her Madoff affair and quickly hooked up with another scam artist, Jon Corzine, as his 2009 reelection running mate.

Corzine took New Jersey for a multi-billion dollar ride as governor. Now he’s publicly expressing:

…great sadness for what has transpired at MF Global and the impact it has had on the firm’s clients, employees and many others.”

Where was his “sadness” for destroying New Jersey’s economy, credit rating, business climate and taxpayer base?

You need to develop more self-respect, Senator Weinberg. No one (not even yourself) deserves the company of these evil, greedy bums.

Try to find a nice guy! Maybe Tom Kean, Jr. has a brother? A much, much older brother?

9 thoughts on “Why Does Loretta Weinberg Have Such Terrible Taste in Men?

  1. Time for Loretta to head to Florida. Maybe she could bunk in with another innocent "victim" – Ruth Madoff. Don't you just love these women who play dumb when it suits them?

  2. I think that this article might have more credence if the author didn't feel the need to (1) "personalize" it; and (2) slap-and-paste an article constructed mainly of sexist, ageist assaults?

    If this were a male candidate, would the author feel the need to ask why that candidate had such "bad taste in men?" Certainly not.

    Would there be comments about how she should "retire to Florida," or cracks about her find a "much, much older" brother? Not likely.

    What facts support that Senator Weinberg is in the elite "1%" of wealth, and what possible comparison can be made between the wife of Madoff and an investor? That's right – they are both women.

    Senator Weinberg is not a woman with a record of "playing dumb." She is someone who, in my experience, is honest about when she has made a mistake. More importantly, she is honest with the public. She has not victimized herself or her family as being victims of Madoff – she has admitted (like hundreds of thousands of other investors) that she made a bad decison.

    I describe myself as primarily "apolitical," but when I read articles like this, it makes me wonder how much of our voting public is swayed by the "buzz word" blather of of a mud-slinging ignoramus.

  3. time for people of New Jersey to stop slinging nonesense around…and learn the facts..Loretta never gave any money to Bernie madoff …she gave her and her husbands hard earned money to a family friend who invested it with madoff..

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