Poll: Does This Viral Map Fairly Represent NJ?

While we usually quibble over the ridiculousness that is the legislative and congressional maps in New Jersey, they aren’t the only ones around. This map was making the rounds on Facebook and the rest of the internet yesterday, Save Jerseyans. And while it is rather humorous, and at least partially accurate, I am sure that it managed to offend people throughout the state who either (a) don’t fit the prescribed mold of their area, or (b) are in utter denial about the place they call home.

So what do you say?

Is this NJ map accurate?
Absolutely Accurate
Somewhat Accurate
Barely Accurate
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6 thoughts on “Poll: Does This Viral Map Fairly Represent NJ?

  1. The south part is totally accurate….isn't that where you and Matt are from? (c'mon…I'm joking.)

  2. Two problems: Bergen was hardly Christies strongest area and Bayonne is a white ethnic stronghold not poor minorities.

  3. Well, yes… you are republicans after all..so it was a given that you would be white, in a country club and living in huge houses.

  4. I live in Happy White Families so this map is only accurate if you could two gays with a cat to be a family (and I do.) Otherwise we are white and (mostly) happy so I'm with this map.

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