New Newt? Same as the Old Newt…

New Newt? Same as the Old Newt…

Is Newt Gingrich changing course after losing Florida and Nevada in grand fashion?

Yes! But no. I think?

Read this report and try to figure it out for yourselves:

Rather than the traditional post-vote speech, Gingrich held a news conference in which he accused the Romney campaign of spreading rumors that he would drop out of the race, calling it “their greatest fantasy.”

Instead, Gingrich reaffirmed his commitment to stay in the race, saying, “We will continue all the way to Tampa,” where the Republican National Convention will be held in August.

Gingrich aides had said that he would outline a new campaign strategy that would be more positive but while his tone with reporters was cordial, the message wasn’t.

Although he called his opponent a “Massachusetts moderate” instead of “Massachusetts liberal” as he has in the past, Gingrich said he believed he was the alternative to Romney, “who has in his career been pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase and who ranks third from the bottom in creating jobs in the four years he was governor.

New Newt same as the old Newt.

It’s these constant promises of big ideas and personal reinvention that I find so disconcerting about the Newtster, Save Jerseyans. He can’t even settle on a tone for his campaign. There’s nothing wrong with contrast ads. Just make sure they’re accurate and be ready to stand by them!

Of course none of this is surprising. He began political life as a liberal Rockefeller Republican. Then, as an older man with white hair, he famously led the conservative Republican Revolution. Then as an even older man with completely white hair, he sat on a couch with ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi for a TV commercial in which he argued for action on climate change. Now he wants me to vote against Mitt Romney (and for Newt’s populist anti-establishment campaign) because Mitt is a flip-flopper?

Don’t throw stones in glass houses, Mr. Speaker. Newt is actually a Madonna Republican: the Father of Political Reinvention!

And if lifetime ideological consistency were the only true test, then frankly I wouldn’t be voting for either of them!


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