Guest Post: An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street from a New York City Police Officer


After the sixth month anniversary of OWS, I have read in disgust your movement’s blog postings where you advocate violence against police officers.

Just yesterday, there was a Twitter posting instructing your members to take out a cop or two and I have see many comments after news articles that advocate violence. While I know that individual twitter users and commentators do not speak for the whole movement, just as I do not speak for all cops, the continuing call to violence is a black eye for the OWS movement.

What has gone on in the past in Oakland and Davis, CA and here in NYC is unacceptable and your leaders need to speak out against it….

Videos pop up daily calling cops “pigs” and selectively show edited clips of protestors being arrested – after they assault police officers. Protestors purposefully disobey, threaten, and attack police officers provoking them into physical confrontation for the purpose of getting it on video all the while chanting “the whole world watching”.  Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis Police is one of the victims of your spectacles.  In fact, I am sure very few of OWS protestors have actually seen the entire video from that day. Watch it on YouTube. It’s up there, except it doesn’t make for good ratings or PR.

I understand you’re upset. I am too. See I joined the police department on my 21st birthday, 9 years ago, because I decided I wanted to do something to help people. So I left school and joined the police department. In that time, I have seen a little girl get crushed by a car in front of her mother, rescued senior citizens from a fire in their housing complex, had more than one gun pointed at me, been involved in foot and motor vehicle chases with really bad people, caught burglars, captured a guy who would sneak into girl’s dorm rooms and take videos of them showering, and helped reunite a senior citizen suffering from dementia with her family.

This is just a sampling of some of the things I have done during the last 9 years. During that time, I have attended law school part time and finished my undergraduate degree in civil engineering with honors. So although you may call me a “stupid pig”, I am far from dumb.

But like you, I have a lot of student loans (almost $200K to be exact) and do not live in a mansion. I too get upset when I drive by $2 million dollar homes on the way home from a long day at work owned by people who in my opinion don’t really contribute to society (managing other people’s money – while a job that needs to be done by intelligent people – is not what I would call deserving. Our men in women in uniform, nurses, emergency room doctors, etc. they are the ones that deserve that kind of home. The 20 something year old kid who just got back from his second tour in Iraq should be the one returning to his house with an in ground pool – not the guy that just got an inside score on a Facebook IPO).

I digress but my point is don’t take out your anger on us. We are the real, hard working, law abiding 99%. We respect the law, the law which I took an oath to uphold, and if you are going to break it you are going to be arrested. That is the way a civilized society works. Try pulling that in a country like Syria.

I am not sure where this brutality idea came from but I am sure that with the warm weather you will be out in force this summer. I don’t want to fight you. Believe me, I don’t get any kicks off of fighting you. I don’t even want to be at your demonstrations on my day off. I’d rather spend what little free time I have with friends and family. We do not want to cause you harm – but if you are going to use force on us, believe me, we will use appropriate force back. We go home at the end of the day. That’s our unofficial motto.

If you want to make a difference, do something productive. Call your Senators or run for public office. Sitting in the lobby of a bank just makes problems for the hard working bank employees – who probably aren’t making much more than minimum wage, the police who now have to deal with the problem, and the customers.

We, the hard working people of the City of New York are getting sick of your antics.


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  1. I am a former police officer and also didn't go into the profession to get rich. It's a calling. I don't know why the few less than honorable cops out there allow another group of people to but a blanket statement on ALL cops.

    I've seen things that will never leave my memory bank (try processing a crime scene when the deceased took a gun shot to the head). What I cannot understand is the contempt for our police force. If you want peace – then go to your police department and bring them cookies and thank them. Do you think they want to get verbally abused all day?

    I am grateful for freedom of speech, it is one of the attributes that make our country great. But when your freedom begins to slur a population, who in my book are heros, then I think we need to stop and reevaluate the words.

    God bless America, the American people and our police force.

  2. God bless the NYPD who is putting up with plenty of crap these days, all for trying to keep us safe!!

  3. Luv cops…they are amazing. The thing is…ows is going to become more violent. Frances Fox Piven is pushing for it…so is Andy Stern of SEIU. Research them and u will get a better understanding of the goals of ows anarchists. Excellent letter from a committed officer of the law. May God bless him and keep them ALL safe from these people.

  4. The police are the only thing that stands between us and the thugs. Without the police, we would run the risk of getting mugged coming out of the grocery store every day, or doing any of the normal day to day activities of life. And these brave men and women do it for a wage that is difficult to live on. Would I want to take a bullet to make sure that one of these OWS idiots stays safe? In a word, no. I'm sure this summer they will again provoke the police and the cameras will get it on tape so that it can be shown on the "mainstream" new media. But OWS and their complicit fools in the news media are fooling no one.

  5. I hope that you fine officers stay safe & remember that Obama's orchestrating all the OWS BS. I also hope that if they start trying to kill you guys that you will be able to do what is necessary. I'd like to see the Tea Party meet up with the losers.

  6. As a law abiding gun owner I thank all LEO's. Thanks to you I stand a good chance of never having to use one except for recreation. I pray [literally] that I never will, and also for the safety you all.

  7. 24 million cant find fullitme job , 50 million can't see doctor when sick, 47 million on welfare for food 15 million going backwards in debt.Population of Iraq est 30,500,000Population of Afghanistan est 30,000,000Wonder why the people are angry?Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves help, just not everyone needs American democracy (war) if thats what they still call it.

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