Hanlon Formally Announces Bid for Monmouth GOP Chairmanship

Monmouth GOP State Committeewoman, Ocean Township Municipal Chair and local attorney Christine Hanlon.

The contest to decide what a post-Oxley Monmouth Republican Party will look like officially kicked off today, Save Jerseyans.

Monmouth attorney and State Committeewoman Christine Hanlon formally announced her candidacy through a Monday afternoon press release obtained by Save Jersey.

Hanlon’s roll-out focused on her extensive history of involvement with both the regular county organziation and grassroots conservative Republicans as well as her committment to improving the county party’s social media capacity (an aim which is obviously near-and-dear to your Blogger-in-Chief’s heart):

Through my work on recent county-wide campaigns, I have become intimately familiar with and fully engaged in the inner workings and administration of our county Republican organization. I have worked hard to develop a strong grassroots volunteer network throughout the county, to increase communication from the organization, and to implement the use of technology and social media to advance voter outreach.”

Initial word of Hanlon’s candidacy spread earlier this month shortly after Governor Chris Christie nominated outgoing Chairman Joe Oxley to the State Superior Court. Hanlon does, however, face a challenge in her quest to become Monmouth’s first female GOP chairwoman from former Governor, State Senator, and current Monmouth GOP State Committeeman John O. Bennett. We’ve yet to hear a formal announcement from the Guv.

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