Runyan Opens Campaign Headquarters Tonight in Marlton

U.S. Representative Jon Runyan (R-N.J.) represents New Jersey's Third Congressional District covering most of Ocean and Burlington Counties.

It’s that time of year, Save Jerseyans.

Eager politicians are opening their fall campaign headquarters in otherwise unassuming, shabbily decorated and barely broom-swept strip mall storefronts across the United States.

Inside and often at strange hours, college-aged interns are busy assembling yard signs. Volunteers are lighting up rented phone lines. Office staffers are worried about whether there’s enough yard signs to lure in volunteers for phone banking.

It’s positively magical!

How else can you explain dozens of human surviving on nothing but Red Bull, pizza and donuts for six months?

Tonight, South Jersey’s own U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.) is officially opening the doors of his own HQ in the Burlington County suburb of Marlton. The former Philadelphia Eagle will kick things off between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; the office is located at the Marlton Greene Shopping Plaza, 22 Route 70 West. I don’t know if there’ll be pizza, but I can guarantee plenty of good, like-minded company.

Learn more at And if you share my “dertmination” for the cause, Save Jerseyans, then I’ll see you there!


7 thoughts on “Runyan Opens Campaign Headquarters Tonight in Marlton

  1. Dear Matt,

    The division in the Tea Party Movement is a serious ideological one that could negatively impact the outcome of the 2012 general election.

    The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC is hoping to prevent that from happening.

    Here are the roots of the division:

    There are those in the Tea Party who view its mission as opposing and defeating the leftist agenda as put forth by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

    Of course, this sentiment, as you mentioned, is what ignited the Tea Party after Rick Santelli's famous rant.

    There are others who see the Tea Party mission as opposing and defeating the "Republican establishment" — candidates like Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, etc.

    These folks, it appears, are more interested in defeating Romney than in defeating Obama and therein lies the problem.

    (Can't wait to see how the MSM will exploit the position of

    of the anti-Romney Tea Party faction.)

    The division is not sophmoric. No one is taking themselves too seriously. As you well know, there is much at stake in the upcoming election.

    The future of our nation lies in the balance.

    On behalf of the PAC Board of Delegates,

    Don Adams

  2. You just made my point for me, Don… their gripe isn't really ideological at all. It's procedural/ego-related. You guys all support the same limited government principles on paper, but they're nevertheless going to oppose WHOMEVER the GOP nominates because this is all about feeling important. They care more about "being right" than defeating the least effective U.S. president in 150 years. It's gross.

    It's also the very definition of sophomoric behavior and yes, they need to stop taking themselves so seriously if they ever want to be taken seriously again.

    Navy seals and guys like Chen Guangcheng are patriots for their respective nations. Reading a Glenn Beck book cover-to-cover and waiving a Gadsen Flag aren't automatic qualifiers!

    Other Tea Parties need to drive that point home to prevent the movement from being hijacked. I applaud the work of your group; it's been a positive counter-example.

  3. The tea party is composed of many local groups with similar ideas that may or may not have close affiliation with other tea party groups. Different groups may have different ideas on some things. Some are more conservative and some more libertarian, but, to my experience, all would like to unseat Barack Obama and his agenda.

    There are also concerns about big government elements in the Republican party and, to various degrees, will oppose GOP candidates with such views in the primaries, as is their right. Naturally they would prefer candidates that think more like they do and they are more inclined to work hard to get those candidates nominated.

    Once the primary ends, forming a third party would help no one but the Democrats. Instead,they work hard to get the Republican who wins the primary elected. Naturally there is more incentive to work hard for a tea party favorite, even if he is in another district, but they are also concerned with turning D's to R's because most votes that matter are by party lines.

    I would not be surprised to see them support a conservative in the primary and, if he lost, support in the general election the party Republican who defeated their favorite, at the same time canvassing for the tea party favorite who won the primary in the next district, giving each candidate more help than they generally get from a major supporter.

    The GOP gets energetic workers and those workers give support to candidates who agree with their views.

  4. I am Republican and think Jon Runyan is not fit for Congress. He is an embarrassment. Please find another Republican candidate.

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