Shelley Adler’s “Dertmination” to Avoid Taking a Position on Obamacare

We’ve been warned against underestimating Democrat Shelley Adler’s “dertmination” before.

To do what exactly?

Frankly? We’re not sure! For example: where does Shelley Adler stand on Obamacare? It’s a total mystery as of this writing, Save Jerseyans.

She and her general election opponent, U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-NJ3), were both recently interviewed by Michael Aron for NJ-TV’s On the Record in back-to-back segments.

When asked directly about Obamacare (approximately 11 minutes into the video posted below), Adler offered only that she would’ve voted against it like her late husband, former Rep. John Adler. Challenger Shelley Adler would NOT, however, state whether she supports its repeal. In fact, her website doesn’t even make mention of Obamacare or healthcare generally.

Amazing, isn’t it? Obamacare will inarguably be a “top 3” issue this November, second only to “jobs/the economy” and perhaps an as-of-yet unspecified foreign policy meltdown in the Middle East. How can a federal candidate run a credible campaign without taking a firm position on it? For or against?

Again, it’s a complete mystery to your Blogger-in-Chief! Just the same as I can’t comprehend how someone can run in a district when they don’t live… so perhaps I’ve already answered my own question, Save Jerseyans? A position can only be as principled as the person holding it!

But I digress. Watch the interview(s) and make your own judgments:

Watch Shelley Adler and Jon Runyan on PBS. See more from On the Record.

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