Shelley Adler Doesn’t Live in NJ-3. And Guess What? Neither Do Her Donors…

Democrat Shelley Adler (NJ-3) (NJ-1) isn’t fooling anyone with her less-than-impressive fundraising numbers, Save Jerseyans.

Least of all your Blogger-in-Chief.

I suspect she’s actually depressing more folks than anything else! And they’re all on her side of the aisle. That’s because she’s on pace to raise less than 1/3 of what her late husband needed to buy his U.S. House seat back in 2008.

Better yet for the good guys? Upon closer inspection of their FEC filings, Adler garnered only 15 individual contributions from Burlington County; her opponent, Republican Rep. Jon Runyan (NJ-3), received contributions from 107 individual Burlington residents this past quarter.

In fact, Adler apparently had more than two times as many individual contributions from the D.C. Metro area than she did from Burlington County.

To sum up the state of Adler’s fundraising: national liberal activists (like the abortion-loving ghouls over at Emily’s List) love Shelley Adler.

Her own would-be constituents? Not enough to invest in her!

Of course it’s not too late for the South Jersey Machine to select a new candidate. One with deeper local roots and “tea party” appeal.

Anyone know if Peter DeStefano is still available?


11 thoughts on “Shelley Adler Doesn’t Live in NJ-3. And Guess What? Neither Do Her Donors…

  1. To use the term "abortion loving ghouls" is A) untrue and B) deliberately provocative. I would bet the farm that all members of Emily's list would love NOTHING more than to see fewer abortions that result from unplanned pregnancies.

    So how do we get to than point when MEN like you are casting this in such crude terms?

    Are you a virgin? because if you're out there having sex, Matt, it's a possibility that a your partner could get pregnant. Unintended pregnancies happen ALL THE TIME. And for the sake of all the straight people (accidently) making babies out there, I'd really check yourself.

  2. willing to be she wasn't the first choice. redistricting probably messed up the machine's plans.

  3. How about Chris Smith, he lives in VA with his family and use to only have a aprt in trenton which was redistricted out.

  4. Come November, I'd bet at least some of the votes for here will be from people who don't technically live in the district either.

    See, it's a perfect circle.

  5. This is a hard discussion to have, Jay, because if you accept the fact that a fetus IS a human being, then an organization that explicitly seeks out pro-abortion candidates and awards them with funding is among the most repugnant things you can imagine.

    You've cleverly injected a few loaded, emotional, politically-charged inferences into your comment… e.g. the fact that I'm a man and, therefore, somehow have no right to tell a woman whether she can kill her unborn child simply because said life is inconvenient.

    Of course, at the end of the day, this debate has absolutely nothing to do with gender/sexuality/party/ethnicity, whatever. Those elements are deliberately dragged in to confuse the issue.

    Abortion is the sanctioned murder of a human life. Period. Straight lives, gay lives, black lives, white lives, Republican lives and Democrat lives. Ignorance doesn't discriminate, but orgs like Planned Parenthood get plenty rich of it, don't they?

    Yes, it's a black and white moral dilemma yet, ironically, ending abortion remains completely absent from bleeding heart liberal check-lists. For example, I find it more than a little gross how liberals invent fundamental rights to healthcare, collective bargaining, gay marriage, employment, etc., but not the fundamental right of an unwanted human life to live?

  6. Jay, the crudest term of all is abortion. When did our society come to see this as a birth control alternative? I've lived through the 60s and the Woman's Movement, promising young girls the same opportunities their male counterparts had. Somehow, sexual "freedom" was presented to young girls as equality. What it actually became was generations of young women misinterpreting this to mean their bodies were to be used first & foremost for indiscriminate sex in order to be considered equal- if men could randomly sleep around, why couldn't they? A woman has the gift to be able to carry a child & bring new life into the world. Motherhood is not for everyone, and as one who sees children everyday who belong to people who are lousy parents, women & men alike need to be reminded that parenthood can result from sex. If you're not ready for this responsibility, take precautions against it. If you're too irresponsible for that, then maybe they shouldn't be having sex. Killing a child in the womb is not acceptable – phrase it any way you want to make it more palatable, but it is what it is. I have worked for equality for all members of society, yet I will never understand why so many are "offended" when one stands up for the weakest among us, the unborn child. The unborn is alive. To remove the baby from it's Mother's womb before it's ready to survive without her is murder. No PC BS can change that. Since we all know babies can result from sex, if you can't responsibly deal with that, think twice. That's what responsible people do.

  7. you're right, Matt. I don't consider a fertilized egg to be the same thing as a human being.

    I think personhood behinds when someone is born. I also believe that women should have dominion over their own bodies and not be beholden to the political whims of a bunch of old white men who are seeking to use this issue politically.

    Do I want fewer abortions? or course I do. they are quite easily avoidable and there are LOTS of ways to avoid them. So beyond abstinence what do you suggest?

    I absolutely DO think this issue is relevant to any man who's being told by others when he and his wife can grow or start their family.

    Oh, any by the way, off topic but what's your view of the death penalty? Moral? Evil? Necessary?

  8. I think you forgot Ocean County is a part of the district as well… I am a resident of Lacey and just donated to her campaign.

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