FULL VIDEO: Romney Rallies the Tea Party at Franklin Hall; Gives Shout Out to Joe Kyrillos

Kudos to our friends at the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC for putting on a stellar even yesterday at Franklin Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

Save Jersey was there to hear Governor Mitt Romney’s remarks. You couldn’t ask for a better venue in the shadow of Ben Franklin’s giant likeness presiding over the program.

Joining him were numerous New Jersey politicians including U.S. Senate-hopeful Joe Kyrillos (who also received a big-time shout out from Mitt early in the presumptive GOP nominee’s speech). Specifically, Governor Romney said he hopes Kyrillos will be joining him in Washington, D.C. next January. A candidate working hard for campaign cash couldn’t ask for much more!

Mitt’s address runs a little long but definitely worth a watch during your lunch break, Save Jerseyans:


142 thoughts on “FULL VIDEO: Romney Rallies the Tea Party at Franklin Hall; Gives Shout Out to Joe Kyrillos

  1. Excellent speech…Engaging patriots…He will be the winner in Pa New Jersey and Delaware…We are all ready to Romney. Romney2012

  2. Wow, what a crowd!! Wait. I meant what crowd? How many people there? Dozens? The Tea Party has turned into a complete joke. A claim to constitutional roots rests at the feet of…. Mitt Romney?? Hilarious. See what a real rally looks like this Sunday 4/22 when THOUSANDS turn out to see Ron Paul – the founder of the Tea Party.

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