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Kyrillos Camp Calls for Menendez to Release Travel Records Following Daily Caller Story

The mainstream media (except for the British papers ironically enough) have almost completely ignored this morning’s Daily Caller allegations. MMM cites one inside MSM source as claiming both the story and the media’s post-Sandy resources are “thin.” Somehow I doubt a Read More

Better Late Than Never! New Kyrillos TV Spot Roasts Menendez with His Own Words (VIDEO)

With two weeks to go before Americans head to the polls, Save Jerseyans, we finally have a hard-hitting contrast TV ad from Joe Kyrillos. And I love it! Philly media market voters saw it several times tonight, and I’m sure Read More

LIVE STREAM: Kyrillos vs. Menendez NJ 101.5 Debate

The second 2012 New Jersey U.S. Senate Debate between incumbent Bob Menendez and challenger Joe Kyrillos begins at 7:00 p.m., Save Jerseyans.  Watch it live right here: Watch live streaming video from fios1 at Not working? Click here to Read More

The Kyrillos vs. Menendez Debate, Round #1 (FULL VIDEO)

Did you miss this week’s first New Jersey U.S. Senate debate between Joe Kyrillos and Bob Menendez? One of our contributors has already weighed in. Let’s see what you think. Watch the full debate right here: httpv://

LIVE STREAM: New Jersey U.S. Senate Debate, Kyrillos v. Menendez

httpv:// Save Jersey Reaction: Irwin Fletcher — “What I Think Kyrillos Needs to Do at Tonight’s Debate“ Art Gallagher — A Preview of Tonight’s Debate Follow our Live Tweet of the New Jersey U.S. Senate Debate below and join the Read More

Kyrillos Prepares for Tonight’s Menendez Debate While Christie Barnstorms in Washington State

Most of us are still happily focused on last night’s Romdomination at the Denver debate, Save Jerseyans. But this is a New Jersey political blog, and New Jersey’s two leading Republican candidates (for this cycle and next, respectively) have a Read More

HQ Crowd Tweet War Between Kyrillos, Menendez Camps

Bob Menendez’s U.S. Senate campaign was braggin’ on about their volunteer attendance in Montclair earlier tonight via Twitter: Their tweeted photo, however, shows only 14 people: I have more people than that at MY convention watch party, Save Jerseyans! This Read More

SEE BOB RUN: Menendez Rejects Kyrillos Debate Invite (VIDEO)

I guess U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) really is concerned, Save Jerseyans! He’s not so far ahead in the polls that he can afford to ignore Joe Kyrillos altogether. It’s just another example of liberal Democrats doing everything and anything to Read More