New Jersey Can’t Get No Respect!

New Jersey can’t get no respect!

FoPo bloggers are abuzz this weekend following blind Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng’s successful arrival in the United States.

But what’s wrong with this Yahoo! News headline, Save Jerseyans? “Blind Chinese activist Chen arrives in New York.”

Yes, he eventually made it to NYC this weekend (he’ll be studying law at NYU). Yet like every other Chen-related headline originating from the mainstream press, Yahoo buried far down the page in its article (and in other cases, some outlets omitted it entirely) the fact that Mr. Guangcheng entered the United States through Newark’s Liberty International Airport.

Newark, in New Jersey. Unambiguously so!

Of course, this is just the latest example of New York State refusing to let its way cooler neighbor, the Garden State, have anything of its own! The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, now Newak Liberty International, too? We only have one professional sports team left with New Jersey in its name for God’s sake! And whenever it’s time to build something (cough cough *ARC Tunnel* cough cough), guess who gets stuck with the bill? With friends like these…

My two cents/ Governor Christie should’ve had state troopers meet Chen at the airport and escort him to Seton Hall Law School. Mario Cuomo can just deal.