Corzine, Tax Rhetoric Dominate FY 2013 Budget Battle

Corzine, Tax Rhetoric Dominate FY 2013 Budget Battle

“Corzine” is once again Governor Christie’s favorite dirty word, Save Jerseyans, and he’s doubling down on that theme in his response to the Democrat legislature’s proposed budget.

A brief statement issued yesterday evening from the front office:

After months of promising to deliver critical tax relief to the people of New Jersey, Corzine Democrats today proved it’s just more of the same when it comes to their addiction to raising taxes and holding tax relief hostage. Corzine Democrats are sending a loud, resounding no to tax relief for hardworking New Jerseyans because they’d rather repeat the cycle of the eight years before I became Governor, raising taxes and fees every 25 days on the citizens of New Jersey.”

Wall-to-wall Corzine references and tax cut spats through the deadline, folks. Thus is our fat. Fortunately for the Guv, it’s a much stronger storyline than the Democrats’ weak, wonky revenue projection line of attack. That’s not a substantive criticism. Just sayin’ what sells and what doesn’t.

I’d still like to know who you have to know to interject budget cuts into the debate?


The best I can say is stay informed, my friends. There’s a lot going on under the dome. To get caught up to speed without much surfin’ around, visit our exhaustive state budget archives without delay.


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  1. Our Democrats once again have spoken to the New Jersey taxpayer .."We will make your life miserable"

  2. The state has nearly $33 billion in debt, among the highest in the nation, the debt service alone is over 35% of the budget …

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