UPDATE: Yudin Defeats Rottino, Survives Challenge in Bergen

It’s finally over, Save Jerseyans.

Incumbent Chairman Bob Yudin walked away the big winner of tonight’s epic showdown at the Hackensack BCRO.

The margin was 438 to 315 in his favor. Yudin now begins the hard work of reuniting arguably the most bitterly fractured Republican county organization in New Jersey. Hopefully it’s not impossible work.

More details/post-mortem analysis to follow…


27 thoughts on “UPDATE: Yudin Defeats Rottino, Survives Challenge in Bergen

  1. I guess some people like to lose? Have fun with two more years of intra-party fighting between yourselves, Bergen Republicans. You did it to yourselves! Glad I don't live there.

  2. OK…. 2/3 of the committee votes for "not Yudin" last Thursday. Tonight they give him another two years by over 100 votes??? I'd love to pick the brain of a McCann voter who switched to Yudin. Did their candidate NOT run on change last week? Only to embrace the establishment 7 days later?

  3. Agreed. So much for sticking to your convictions. All of these Republicans who caved should be taken out to the Obama woodshed.

  4. 198 people thought McCann was a better choice than Yudin. Of those same 198 people, around 50 thought Rottino was also a better choice than Yudin. It isn't complicated, don't buy into your own spin.

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