@JamesGBeattie Reports From Round 2 of Bergen’s GOP Chairman Vote (PHOTO)

Sen. Cardinale campaigns for Chairman Yudin

It’s a MUCH more subdued atmosphere tonight at the BCRO Hall in Hackensack, Save Jerseyans.

That’s because we’re down to the wire in the increasingly nasty, twisting and turning race war between the Yudin Camp and Team Rottino. Tonight’s run-off vote likely won’t cure the fissures that plague the BCRO. It will, however, have a profound effect on county and statewide politics both in 2012 and 2013.

Our own James Beattie (R-Bergenfield) is once again on site for Save Jersey as Bergen County GOP committee members decide whether to grant Chairman Bob Yudin another term as their chairman.

Follow James’s Twitter feed (@JamesGBeattie) for live and continuous updates…

Chairman Yudin engaging in last minute campaigning in Hackensack.


Anthony Rottino looks for votes at the 11th hour at BCRO HQ.

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