Webber, Bucco are Real Republicans!

Jay Webber (R-Morris)

I worked very hard three years ago (and so did you, Save Jerseyans) to help defeat a Democrat Governor who borrowed and spent this state into its current financial hole.

At least some folks under the dome haven’t forgotten the spirit of ’09!

I’m immensely proud of Assemblymen Jay Webber and Anthony Bucco right now, conservative Republican members of the Democrat-controlled Assembly Budget Committee, for opposing legislation authorizing the state to borrow $3.5 billion over the next four years for transportation projects…

“Borrow” is the key word. The current FY2013 budget proposal is $32.1 BILLION, folks! Pennsylvania is a much bigger state – population-wise and territorially – yet their proposed budget is approximately $5 billion lighter. How can’t we afford basic transportation obligations with $32.1 billion!?

Asm. Webber correctly questioned the legislation’s constitutionality. He also tried to amend a separate Committee measure, A-2921, increasing Energy Tax Receipts to municipalities. Webber wanted to require municipalities to reduce their annual property tax levy by an amount equal to the increase in these aforementioned tax receipts. I guess that was too logical for Democrats to support!

Anthony Bucco, Jr. (R-Morris)

The saddest part? Webber and Bucco’s actions concerning the transportation bill shouldn’t be controversial. The fact that they’re being greeted as such is a sad indictment of Trenton’s culture. As our own Jason LaMarca said very well this morning, we cannot continue to shove debt down the line to future generations in order to avoid tough choices today. It’s bad accounting, poor economics and simply immoral. The upward trajectory of property tax bills may’ve slowed thanks to the cap; actually bringing them down can only come about through less spending and less borrowing.

And yes, sure, the bill got out of committee anyway, 10-2. The GOP is out-manned in the state legislature. But if we ever want to see a Republican majority ever again, we’re certainly not going to get there by supporting Democrat-style fiscal policies – just “better managed.” That’s the Bob Michel approach and it doesn’t work.

So kudos to Webber and Bucco for doing the right thing today – substantively and politically. Some of you out there regularly complain about being asked to call, knock or rally for GOP candidates who say one thing then disappoint when they arrive in Trenton. These two don’t disappoint, and they deserve your active support as a result.


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  1. Jay Webber and Anthony Bucco worked to elect a "real Republican" who has thus far increased tolls on Port Authority bridges and tunnels, allowed a Turnpike Authority toll increase to take place, imposed a gift card confiscation tax, pushed fines of $1000 for drivers who don't have their dogs in harnesses or carriers, has yet to truly take up the issue of real property tax reform, and is pushing the biggest budget in state history. The "real Republican" was outfunded and underendorsed in 2009, resulting in him losing by a relatively small margin – what we have in office is a RINO just like every other Governor who claimed GOP affiliation in the past several decades.

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