Mitt Romney is Amazed by Wawa

Mitt Romney is spending quite a bit of time with our neighbors to the west in Pennsylvania. Maybe a bit too much time if the latest polls are to be believed.

But for some reason (good internal polls maybe?) Governor Romney seems pretty convinced that he can win the Keystone State, which would make it very difficult for him not to become the next President of the United States. In fact, according to Yahoo! News, he is insanely confident, stating unequivocally,

“I am going to win Pennsylvania,” the Republican nominee told a crowd of several hundred people at the Cornwall Iron Furnace, a historic foundry that once was the source of cannonballs and other iron products.”

Being that assured, this weekend Romney decided to weigh in on a somewhat controversial (read: trivial) topic that may be foreign to many of our New Jersey readers: the war in PA between Sheetz and Wawa for the convenience store hoagie crown. The state is quite divided over the issue, and the crowd let him know it:

Where do you get your hoagies here? Do you get them at Wawas? Is that where you get them?” Romney asked.

“NOOO!” several members of the audience shouted in response.

Romney grinned. “No? You get them at Sheetz?” he said.

When the audience replied in the negative again, Romney seemed surprised. “No?” he said.

Anyway, Governor Romney did eventually take a side in the matter, something Presidential candidates almost never do. Thankfully he made the right one. Everyone in New Jersey knows that Wawa hoagies are the best convenience store sandwiches around (disagree? You’re wrong). But Mitt may have been a bit too impressed, coming off a bit awkward. While trying to make a point about innovation and capitalism, Romney said,

You press a little touchtone key pad… You touch this, touch this, touch this, go pay the cashier, and there’s your sandwich,” Romney said. “It’s amazing!”

Yes. He really did say that. While this does show that our next President has great taste in quick hoagies, it also shows that he seriously needs to get out more. Get with the times Mitt! It’s 2012!


8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is Amazed by Wawa

  1. Yeah…like he has any clue whatsoever. I bet he never ate a hoagie in his life…until now.

  2. We need to get this guy out more. Obama is even less in touch with the common man. Can't let it be a clsoe question for swing voters.

  3. Milhous tried to order at Wawa's but they didn't have any puppy meat or arugala so he was confused.

  4. umm…no. The clip you heard was edited by MSNBC, it can be heard in its entirety at numerous blog posts. The point Romney was mking was a contrast between a doctor having to fill out a 33 page change of address form for Medicare and the sleek efficiency of WaWa's touch screen device – i.e. government ossification versus private sector innovation.

    It was not a case of Romney never having seen this type of technology. Think about it – why would you trust MSNBC to portray this story accurately?

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