O’Toole Backs Rottino as Cardinale Pushes Yudin Heading into Tonight’s BCRO Convention

Bob Yudin (left) and Anthony Rottino (right) are competing to lead the BCRO. A third candidate, John McCann, is not pictured above.

State Senators Kevin O’Toole (R-40) and Gerald Cardinale (R-39) usually vote the same way in Trenton, Save Jerseyans.

But tonight (yes, it’s finally and mercifully arrived), they’re on opposite sides of a cavernous divide between the warring Bergen GOP camps of incumbent Chairman Bob Yudin and scrappy challenger Anthony Rottino.

The former GOP chairman of nearby Essex County, Senator O’Toole formally endorsed Rottino’s candidacy last night via email blast, explaining that “Anthony’s commitment that this party belongs to every member of the county committee is the approach that our party desperately lacks.” You can read his entire letter before the fold.

Senator Cardinale, for his part, has worked to rally support behind the embattled Yudin throughout this increasingly ugly battle. Cardinale is part of the Chairman’s inner circle kitchen cabinet, and at least one online source alleges a mounting legal conflict between Cardinale and Rottino.

Like I said… the fact that committee members will vote (and end) this race tonight is a merciful thing!

Which Senator will walk away happy? I’m loath to make last minute predictions. Monmouth County’s chairman race proved that committee politics is inherently unpredictable. The small pool of voters allows personal relationships – and late-breaking developments – to move support in a unique fashion. Bob Yudin could surprise everyone tonight and hold on, just as John McCann could pull off a dark horse victory if the committee deadlocks.

Smart money is still on Rottino, particularly after Chairman Yudin lost committee seats last Tuesday. We’ll have results tonight as soon as they’re available…


Dear Fellow Republicans:

Tomorrow is a very important day for the future of the Bergen County Republican Organization.

Since the campaign for BCRO Chairman has begun there has been a lot said and printed by the three candidates. As your State Senator, and someone who has represented Bergen County for over 11 years, this election for Chairman is perhaps the most critical. There is a lot at stake for our party in Bergen County. We have a Republican Governor, Republican County Executive, and Republican Majority on the Freeholder Board.

Maintaining Republicans in these seats, while building our party for the future, should matter most. As someone who has represented Bergen and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our party to this point, I know that’s all I care about – Republicans winning.

As I have watched this campaign unfold, read everyone’s literature, and listened to the candidates speak, I have come to the realization that my decision to endorse Anthony Rottino for BCRO Chairman was the right one.

From the outset of this campaign, Anthony has talked about the issues that face our party, his vision for rebuilding our party, and his commitment to have a leadership team that includes a cross section of Bergen County Republicans. Anthony’s commitment that this party belongs to every member of the county committee is the approach that our party desperately lacks. His “Blueprint For a Better BCRO” is a very concise, thorough and executable outline for turning our party around.

It is for these reasons, and Anthony’s impeccable character, honesty, leadership skills and dedication to the Republican Party in Bergen County that I enthusiastically endorse Anthony Rottino for BCRO Chairman. He is exactly the kind of leadership the BCRO needs.


Kevin O’Toole
Senator, District 40


173 thoughts on “O’Toole Backs Rottino as Cardinale Pushes Yudin Heading into Tonight’s BCRO Convention

  1. Rottino needs to win. The current regime has alienated too many good Republicans!

  2. You mean like all the other chairman races have aliented good republicans? The reporting on this blog is often like eating a wet noodle.

    Mercer, Monmouth, Camden County, Bergen County, Hunterdon, Cape May, Passaic, Gloucester all had contested votes OR news that alienated Republicans as a result of vote. Mainstream outlets have simply reported the outcome and moved on because it really is non news.

    Yet it's clear your reporting is anything but reporting. It's mere personal opinion. It's gossip, rumor and personal.

    Sometimes you hit homeruns, other times you sound like 8th graders.

    These reports on the county chair races complete expose you as party insider hacks with personal agendas. This inconsistent reporting tells followers like me you don't take this nearly as seriously as your readers. This isn't real journalism, it's a tool site and showcase for your abilities and connections to the statewide party, almost as if you are trying to show off and flexing your ego(s) too.

    How you spend your time is your choice.

    Maybe when you grow up and become a legitimate source for news, information and opinion advertisers will come your way. Stay away from these party fights because its clear you have a vested interest in the outcome of some.

    Just some independent feedback for you to consider.

  3. Comments like this one are always my favorite. We've never claimed to be fair and balanced. We're not journalists… simply residents concerned about our state. Often times we do a better job reporting news because the media does such a poor job of covering state and local politics. My writers and I discuss the things and issues that interest us and yes, we don't hide our slant.

    Thousands of readers visit us weekly as a direct result. We're proud of our work product and our influence.

    I'm sorry this post upset you so much. Not sure why. You probably can't articulate a specific reason. Your comment uses a lot of loaded buzz words like "insider hack" but fails to set forth a basis in reality for your criticism. Yes, we're political people. Yes, we have connections and sources… and very open opinions. Does that make us hacks? "Hack" implies we take orders. Unfortunately for my inbox, we often make all sides of the "insider" crowd very unhappy!

    But hey, you're entitled to your opinion. So are we!

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