Romney Campaigns at Solyndra’s Tombstone

Yesterday Mitt Romney made a surprise campaign stop that I must say was a bit out of character.

Romney, who is considered timid by many in the media and politics generally, staked out the humongous, empty building that used to hold Solyndra, the poster child for the economic failures of central planning under the Obama Administration.

Romney stood before the giant building that our tax money built and slammed the President for his use of crony capitalize to help his donors, supporters, and pet projects for the liberal agenda.


These are the types of campaign stops Romney needs to do between rallies and fundraisers.

The image of what looks to be a spotless, new building, built with a taxpayer guaranteed loan that will never be repaid, with nothing going on in or around it exemplifies exactly what this administration has been about. It has just been one failed economic experiment after another, and all on our dime. That is a message that any voter can understand and should be outraged about.

The only real issue should be whether Romney will have time to visit every tombstone in Obama’s economic graveyard.


7 thoughts on “Romney Campaigns at Solyndra’s Tombstone

  1. All this talk about Bain could end if Romney could produce a few people saying

    Worker-A “I was making $28,000 after Bain Capital took over the company my salary jumped to $56,000

    Worker-B I had a auto accident broke my leg I was out of work for 6 month Bain continue paying me for that whole time’

    Worker C- I was paying for my health insurance it was hard after Bain took over they started paying the healthcare for employees and it was the Cadillac of Healthcare Plans

    Worker-D After 5 Years all I had was 2 weeks vacation annually after Bain took the company over I started receiving 5 weeks vacation. annually.

    Until Romney can do that BLEEP HIM

  2. Priceless ! just Priceless ……I hope this is the attack Mutt coming out

  3. Well, we KNOW there's not enough time left to visit all the wreckage of Bain.

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