Federal Unemployment Benefits Reward Bad Political Choices

Today’s disheartening national unemployment news is doubly disappointing for our most-affected state residents, Save Jerseyans.

They’re being punished for making good choices.

NJ.com reports over 26,000 unemployed New Jerseyans who have been unemployed between 79 weeks and 99 week will lose their unextended benefits effective Saturday. Why? The February “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act”  kicks states out of the program when their unemployment picture improves as measured by certain criteria. So when New Jersey experienced a relatively strong job creation run in May, the U.S. Department of Labor cut off our eligibility for additional extended benefits.

Like a good liberal, Obama would say we need to use our resources where people need them the most.

Look at this another way: New Jerseyans elected Chris Christie in ’09 when crap hit the fan and, consequently, we’re starting to do a better job keeping our fiscal house in order. Starting. So why the hell should our forward-thinking voters be punished for making better, positive, pro-growth political decisions? If anything, take benefits away from voters in states where they continue to elect nothing but idiots.

I’m sure John Roberts could’ve written something better…