Menendez Cuts a Pathetic Figure in Union City

Menendez Cuts a Pathetic Figure in Union City

Here they go again…

America is grappling with record sustained unemployment, Save Jerseyans, but all Democrats want to do this election cycle is obsess over social issues.

You know… the fictional “war on women.”

Why? Because their liberal economic record is pathetic. Women have absorbed 70% of the job losses during President Obama’s watch. Why would they want to talk about that? Birth control, mammograms and Bain Capital are more palatable topics for the Permanent Recession Party!

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) fully recognizes he can’t run on his ticket leader’s record; instead, he turned on his eye faucets and became visibly emotional today in Union City in what has to be one of the pathetic performances in contemporary state electoral politics.

According to Max Pizarro, Joe Kyrillos simply brings out the incumbent’s sensitive side:

Joe Kyrillos voted six times in three years against women’s healthcare,” Menendez said. “He voted against millions of dollars in family funding. He didn’t choose to cast a vote in favor of paycheck equity. When I had that chance in the U.S. Senate I helped pass the Lilly Ledbetter bill. There is a fundamental difference between my opponent and me.”

The response from Kyrillos’ Communications Director Meaghan Cronin is hard to argue with:

Sadly,  aided by some partisan politicians, Bob Menendez today tried to deflect from his record of failing women by attacking Joe Kyrillos. The truth is women have been hurt by Bob Menendez’s votes and policies.  In fact, there are 780,000 more women unemployed today thanthere were three and a half years ago.  What does Menendez’s record show: increased debt, reduced jobs and cuts to Medicare. No wonder he wants to draw focus away from that.  While Menendez continues to play politics, a ticking time bomb awaits New Jersey families.  While he continues to talk and not act, the threat of a massive tax increase that will hurt women and all taxpayers continues to grow. Bob Menendez promised us better, but gave us so much worse.


9 thoughts on “Menendez Cuts a Pathetic Figure in Union City

  1. Get a clue, Matt Rooney. Just because you may not be suffering from the evils in the world, doesn't mean they do not exist. Nor is every current problem the failure of the current politician serving. It's a daily battle toward better.

    Yes, have some compassion for those less fortunate than yourself.

  2. I remember, when you wanted the Cuban votes, I know your parents got thrown out of Cuba, your sister Cachita told me, why because you were communist, What a shame to see a Cuban behave that way, we even voted for you, are you happy now that you lied.

  3. Menendez is still a criminal who got away with it, and now we all suffer for his inane ramblings and partisan treatment of a SERVICE job.

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