Tony Mack’s Arrest: Another Symptom of One Party Rule

The State House in Trenton, New Jersey.

When the Left gets an uncontested foothold in our cities, Save Jerseyans, they reward their constituencies with nothing but scandal, unethical government, and a bloated bureaucracy.

Early this morning, the Mayor of Trenton, Tony Mack, was arrested by federal agents following an investigation into his relationship with a parking garage project.  Mayor Mack and two other men stand accused of conspiring to obstruct, delay and affect interstate commerce by extortion. 

Mack’s term as mayor of our state’s capital has been riddled with scandal, arrests; now his arrest will bring further shame upon our state.  The authorities allege that Mayor Mack and his associates collected $54,000 and anticipated collecting more funds.  Mack had been under investigation since 2010 and recently had his home and office searched in July of this year.

The one-party rule in multiple areas of our state has caused New Jersey not only embarrassment on the national stage but has also endangered our citizens.  With Rob Andrews (NJ-1) still on the hot seat with Congress investigating his use of campaign finances, and Camden Mayor Dana Redd selling out her police force to Camden County, the institutional Left continues to damage our state’s reputation in the eyes of the nation.

It is no secret that political power left uninterrupted will result in corruption and a general disregard for the constituents that they supposedly represent.  This has happened and will continue to happen time and time again.  As long as the GOP is willing to concede defeat in districts and cities there will be little improvement.  The Republican Party has to change the way it does business in these areas where it has statistically done poorly.

To lose is one thing, but to lose without effort is plain old embarrassing!

Every race can be a contested race with the right candidate and the right support.  When people thought New Jersey was a lost cause, a former Federal Attorney stepped up and took the state by storm.  When the entrenched left of Massachusetts had all but given the late Ted Kennedy’s seat to Martha Coakley, a guy in a pick-up truck named Scott Brown delivered a debate answer that brought the nation to its feet.

When the Right has a message of smaller, cleaner, and job-friendly policies, we win. When people are hurting or embarrassed by their local officials it becomes a lot easier for those voters to cross party lines and allow someone else to lead.

The message of freedom, liberty, and prosperity is timeless and resonates across the aisle.  It’s high time we started treating every political race like it should be competitive and work toward Saving Jersey in all of her cities, counties, and districts.


108 thoughts on “Tony Mack’s Arrest: Another Symptom of One Party Rule

  1. So, one party rule is to blame for this. Currently there is only one political party in Mercer County, the Democrats. To have two parties would indicate that the Mercer County Republican Party actually functions. The MCRO will guarantee one party rule for the foreseeable future.

  2. Unchecked power is dangerous. Sometimes it comes down to the most grassroots efforts to make the case for another party as a viable option. Don't give up. We can make a difference!

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