The Morning After Sandy

The Morning After Sandy

An ominous view of Ocean City, NJ from Somers Point (Photo Credit: NBC 40)

Photos from Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath are steadily trickling in and yes, they have a post-apocalyptic feel. Feel free to send more storm pics our way via (but only if you’re safely able to do so — don’t risk your well-being for a photo).

Save Jersey continue to provide coverage as we have throughout the storm, power-permitting. Thousands of you visited here yesterday and we hope each and every one of you made it through this mess physically unscathed.

Property damage is a different story. Managing expectations is important right now. The worst is over, but as Governor Christie discussed at last night’s briefing and again this morning, the effects of this massive storm system will lead to weeks (and in some cases, months) of cleaning up and rebuilding especially at the Shore points.

And please DO NOT think you can rush down to the barrier islands today, Save Jerseyans. This is still a very dangerous situation, and significant travel restrictions are still in place per the Christie Administrations’s orders:

Motorists should be aware that many roadways throughout the state are obstructed as a result of downed trees, utility poles and flooding, so residents should continue to limit their travel and should check for closures on before starting a trip.

There are approximately 190 locations on state highways where travel lanes are closed due to storm damage.

Sections of the New Jersey Turnpike remain closed, including the southbound lanes between Exits 10 and 14 where NJTA crews are working to remove debris that floated onto the roadway. The northbound lanes in this area have been reopened.

The Turnpike remains closed between Exits 14 and 14C.  Additionally, the southbound ramp at Exit 15W to I-280 is closed due to a washout.

Travel restrictions remain in place at all eastbound bridges to the barrier islands.

Be smart out there…