UPDATE: Hurricane Sandy Collapses Portions of Atlantic City Boardwalk

Portions of the Atlantic City Boardwalk’s North End have collapsed, Save Jerseyans.

h/t NBC News 40:

Hurricane Sandy is still 200 miles away from the New Jersey Coast but 10 foot waves are already battering our beaches. Governor Chris Christie ordered AC’s casinos shutdown and all barrier islands evacuated by 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

A reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted this unsettling photo from Atlantic City a short time ago at a location near the legendary Boardwalk…

106 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hurricane Sandy Collapses Portions of Atlantic City Boardwalk

  1. "New Jersey Coase?" I know there's a hurricane bearing down on you, but that's no excuse for idiocy in writing this article. You're not in THAT big of a hurry to submit it.

  2. More pictures. People believe when they see. Otherwise headlines such as seaside heights under water are unbelievable.

  3. It appears to be the old portion of the BW that needed to be replaced anyway – hopefully the new part will stand.

  4. Atlantic City has had worse believe it or not. I grew up there and our neighbor showed us pictures of our house before we had moved into it with water almost up to the second floor! Never could get that weird smell out of our basement though.

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