Lavallette Without Power For “Weeks If Not Months” After Sandy

Lavallette Without Power For “Weeks If Not Months” After Sandy

Lavallette is one of my favorite little Jersey Shore beach hamlets, Save Jerseyans. I’ve spent many a happy summer weekend there with friends, a grill, and a few jugs of chilled sangria. I look forward to it every year.

Sadly, it was also one of Hurricane Sandy’s favorite towns. The Frankenstorm wore out her welcome on Monday and the Ocean County barrier island’s infrastructure in the process. A severely flooded Lavallette remains shuttered to everyone except emergency personnel and, according to the Borough, JCPL is predicting electricity will “be out for a number of weeks if not months.”

For those who, like me, are also worried about Lavallette, I found the Borough of Lavallette’s damage narrative particularly poignant; you can tell the person who wrote it really cares about their town and the grim fate that’s befallen it:

You should be aware that Lavallette was severely impacted and sustained significant to severe damage throughout the entire Borough. Most of the boardwalk, pavilions and structures along the ocean were destroyed and traveled as far as Bay Boulevard. Many homes, especially along the ocean front were damaged or completed destroyed. The sand dunes eventually gave way and are now located on the Borough streets and properties. The force of the storm actually removed the macadam on several ocean side streets, especially in the southern portion of the town. An estimated one to four feet of flood water moved throughout the Town, depending upon particular elevations. The lifeguard look-out tower sustained damage, but is still standing.”

Read the entire summary here. The town has also posted hundreds of photos of storm-ravaged homes, streets, shops and landmarks.


78 thoughts on “Lavallette Without Power For “Weeks If Not Months” After Sandy

  1. God Bless, we wish you well. My family & I have vacationed in Lavallette for over 20 years, as have many of our good friends. We are saddened to see the devastation to your community. If there is a relief web site set up we will help & also spread the word.


    Mike Carroll

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