Month: November 2012

Facing Impossible Minimum Wage Predicament, N.J. Republicans Must Educate Voters

Logic be damned, Save Jerseyans. Despite the fact that hiking the minimum wage will clearly devastate New Jersey’s already weak job market, and disregarding the already steep fiscal cliff facing all Americans (but particularly New Jersey filers) on January 1st, Read More

Krauthammer: “Lee Offered Easier Terms at Appomattox” (VIDEO)

I used the ‘ole “Compromise of 1850” analogy earlier today, Save Jerseyans, but Charles Krauthammer’s historical conceptualization of President Obama’s fake fiscal cliff solution is right on the money. Watch: httpv://

Superstorm Sandy Like You’ve Never Seen Her (VIDEO)

Everyone remotely familiar with the Hurricane Sandy aftermath agrees: Normandy Beach and Mantoloking were the hardest hit municipalities. And that’s really saying something given what we’ve see coming out of Seaside Heights and other Ocean County towns that bore the Read More

Can the GOP Live Without Social Conservatives?

Cross-Posted at In a column posted on, David Limbaugh says, The Republican Party can choose to ostracize social conservatives and their issues, or try to purge them altogether from the party and its platform. But they better be Read More

E Pluribus Duo: A Thought Experiment

A little over 150 years ago, in our nation’s relative infancy, the Union was geographically and philosophically divided over the issue of states’ rights only to be forcibly reassembled in a bloody war costing tens of thousands of American lives. Read More

REPORT: 72,000 New Jersey Properties Damaged or Destroyed by Superstorm Sandy

Last week, the Christie Administration preliminarily pegged its total Sandy-related damage cost estimate at $29.4 billion. Tonight’s released “total assessment” is higher… $36.9 billion. The price tag is only one of several staggering numbers associated with this natural disaster. The Read More