Why Doesn’t Anti-Generator Mandate Logic Apply to the Minimum Wage, Too?

Here’s a little bipartisan concensus for you this holiday season, Save Jerseyans.

The State Senate leadership from both parties, according to Minhaj Hassan of PolitickerNJ, are opposed to legislation that would mandate the purchase of power generators by all New Jersey gas stations. It’s a measure to avoid future gas rationing like what we saw immediately after Hurricane Sandy battered Northern New Jersey and the coastal region.

Governor Chris Christie is already on the record supporting a similar approach to the issue.

Christie and Sweeney agree that small businesses operate on equally small margins and, therefore, a $10-20k mandate could drive many out of business.

My question: why doesn’t the same logic apply to proposed minimum wage hikes?

Our resident small businessman Ed Sheppard previously broke it down for you, Save Jerseyans. A $1.00 or so per hour hike may not seem like much to the average W-2 employee, but in terms of real accounting, a minimum wage will increase New Jersey small businesses’ annual expenditures by at least the cost of a single generator. The result? Shift cuts, higher prices, and in some cases, empty storefronts/layoffs.

I love hearing Republicans and Democrats rallying around a logical conclusion. My earnest wish is that both sides would apply logic uniformally.