Style Points

If Election 2012 confirmed anything, folks, it’s that style matters.

Being right isn’t enough, nor is saying the right things — just louder. The exit polls were extremely telling. Battleground state voters actually trusted Mitt Romney to handle the economy more than the President (and Mitt won a majority of battleground voters 30 and older, including a solid majority of households earning $50k in annual gross income). These same middle class voters agreed they were worse off than four years ago. The problem? Too many also felt (distinguishable from “thought”) that Barack Obama cared more about the middle class.

Logical? No. A sign of mass economic ignorance in our society? Yes.

But that’s our reality, and we need to address it. Now. Education needs to be a priority. That’s still not enough. We need to select a candidate whose style suits the national mood and breaks through the ideological language barrier.

Here’s how Chris Christie and Marco Rubio tackled the same key question: entitlement reform…


Chris Christie on Entitlement Reform



Marco Rubio on Entitlement Reform