Author: Martin Marks

Martin Marks, D.M.D. is a former member of the Scotch Plains Township Council (1997-2008). He was the last Council-appointed Mayor in 2000 and served two terms as Scotch Plains’ first directly elected Mayor (2001-08).

Righting the Wrongs on Our College Campuses

By Martin Marks | The Save Jersey Blog I can’t tell you how pleased and relieved I am that this millennial generation has risen up on college campuses to address our racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and all sorts of other Read More

Is It Time to Eliminate County Government in New Jersey?

By Martin Marks | The Save Jersey Blog In light of the recent revelation that the Union County Alliance, a not-for-profit organization almost entirely funded by taxpayer dollars, rewarded a vendor with nearly $1.5M over four years for nothing more Read More

Who’s the Real RINO?

By Martin Marks | The Save Jersey Blog The dust has essentially settled from Election Day. Every four years the two states getting the most attention are New Jersey and Virginia as they’re only states with gubernatorial elections while nationwide congressional elections wait Read More

Redistricting Reform Needed

Reflections on a Broken Process Upon the Passing of Rutgers Professor Alan Rosenthal By Martin Marks | The Save Jersey Blog The recent passing of esteemed Rutgers Professor Alan Rosenthal has brought with it accolades for and fond remembrances of an individual who Read More

E Pluribus Duo: A Thought Experiment

A little over 150 years ago, in our nation’s relative infancy, the Union was geographically and philosophically divided over the issue of states’ rights only to be forcibly reassembled in a bloody war costing tens of thousands of American lives. Read More