Obama Routs in New Jersey But Questions Remain Due to Voting Problems

Obama Routs in New Jersey But Questions Remain Due to Voting Problems

Shake off the sleep. Time to survey the damage.

As of early this morning, Save Jerseyans, Barack Obama significantly outpaced his 2008 margin of victory in the Garden State.

He’s up by about 550k votes statewide with an approximate 17.5-point lead over Mitt Romney (58.39% to 40.61%). Back in 2008, he won 57.3% to 41.7%.

Both Romney and McCain carried the same counties. What’s particularly interesting are the GOP-strong Jersey Shore county margins. Romney did about a point better than McCain in Monmouth; that said, Romney’s reduced margin may have something to do with post-Sandy displacement.

Art Gallagher of MMM described the “chaos” that plagued many hurricane-afflicted counties yesterday. We won’t have a complete count until at least Friday as a result.

Romney performed stronger than McCain nationally. We’ll see if New Jersey remains an exception when the final totals are tabulated…


41 thoughts on “Obama Routs in New Jersey But Questions Remain Due to Voting Problems

  1. Obama carried Somerset County. That is never a good sign when a Democrat is winning that area. County GOP officials will likely still eke out wins but by fractions of a percent. Somerset GOP is in shambles.

  2. I left Morris County in 1990 for Florida. I've been through hurricanes Andrew, George, Wilma & tropical storm Dennis which produced much damage from heavy rains, downed trees & powerlines.

    When I saw the damage Sandy did I can relate to the heartache & dispair the victims are feeling. What I just don't understand is why I keep hearing Obama is doing such a wonderful job handling Sandy's victims?

    The victims I see in the media are homeless, broken, filled with anger & feel they've been neglected. Once again I wonder what in the hell are people in Jersey thinking? Enjoy your new president folks! Just keep saying Obama cares more about me than Republicans ever could! The FEMA crews should be there any day now….

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