Keep Your 12-12-12 Concert and We’ll Keep Our Cash?

I enjoy Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel as much as the next guy, Save Jerseyans.

But here’s a politically incorrect and entirely accurate observation:

New Jersey and New York taxpayers sent over $314 billion to the federal government in 2011 and will send even more in 2012 thanks to Taxmageddon.

Wednesday night’s “12-12-12” Sandy relief concert performers — many of whom are loud and proud Obama backers — raised millions of dollars for candidates who made that happen. Yet having just 20% of that 2011 federal tax load back at home (for one year only) would permit New Jersey and New York to rebuild the Shore themselves given that the current federal aid package (which includes Jersey Shore preventative improvements) is pegged at $60.4 billion.

Last night’s cumulative efforts brought in around $30 million.

More than a little ironic… 

…and another solid argument in favor of my tax holiday! If I do say so myself.


4 thoughts on “Keep Your 12-12-12 Concert and We’ll Keep Our Cash?

  1. I applaud the entertainers for performing at last night's event, but whenever one of these charity concerts are held I find myself thinking, "Why don't they forget the concert and instead of performing for free – and asking regular taxpayers to donate money – just have the entertainers do so privately. I mean, if they each cut a check for a $1 million, we would have had the same result without all the fanfare, right?"

  2. Matt, you are "spot on" about the federal government collecting huge amounts of tax dollars, wasting most of them, and then doling some out piecemeal – for which we're supposed to be grateful when they return a small portion of what we've already paid. I wish Washington would just take care of the basics – national defense, infrastructure, food and water supplies, etc. – and then stay the heck out of our lives and our wallets. Private citizens would then have a lot more money to take care of themselves and their families without having to depend on Uncle Sam. We would also be able to donate more generously to charities to assist with disaster relief, etc.

  3. Thanks, Dale. I'm obviously not opposed to charity, but I also think events like last night should be put into perspective. Not enough voters have done the simple math!

  4. I would not watch the concert. Most of those entertainers support the agenda of Obama and the progressives,therefore, they are my emeny. They are partly responsible for ruining our country. I wouldn't take a dime from their socialist hands.

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