Calculated Issue Avoidance

Calculated Issue Avoidance

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Obama GolfTrenton legislators pitched 18 new gun-related laws last week. Not to be outdone, President Obama offered up 23 proposals earlier today in a perverse pageant that would’ve made some dictators blush

I was particularly struck by one executive order’s description, Save Jerseyans: “Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.”

How typical is THAT!!!

We already know the “causes,” sir. These troubled young shooters never come out of nowhere; the problem lies primarily in our education system’s culture of avoidance. We’ve discussed this issue ad nauseum here at Save Jersey, post Newtown AND post-Aurora. No piece of legislation can fix a broken home, no commission can compensate for our diseased and rudderless culture, and no executive action can repair a tortured mind by the time the individual reaches the shooter phase. Legislators can act to unrestrain our educators when they perceive a problem (and again – they almost ALWAYS do before the worst happens months or years down the road).

But today’s presser had nothing to do with helping kids, nor did last week’s sorry display in Trenton. This is 100% about politics. Otherwise, we would’ve seen the “balanced” approach to this problem advocated by so many talking heads in the hours immediately following the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Does any of this seem balanced to you?

More like a witch hunt, folks, and millions of law-abiding American gun owners are the scapegoats…

Click here for a list of proposals from the Big O. Video of his press conference is below the fold:


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  1. Not that I would support it, but if they really cared about children's safety they would have banned handguns – which are involved in thousands more deaths than automatic weapons.

  2. @Sara Right, and hammers/clubs kill more than both combined. Proves how illogical the Left's position really is on this topic.

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