Partially Birthed Logic

Partially Birthed Logic

Radical Pro-Abortion Group Goes After Christie On Buono’s Behalf But Totally Misses the Mark

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie Rutgers AppointmentBarbara Buono’s campaign is already on life support and it’s only February, Save Jerseyans. Consequently, it needs to rely on outside groups including the radically pro-partial birth abortion ghouls over at EMILY’s List to do the fighting for Buono on important days like this one, when her opponent Governor Chris Christie delivers his FY 2014 budget address.

Any port in a storm, right?

Today’ EMILY’s List roll out formally backing Barbara Buono, however, focuses more on the incumbent than the endorsee. It’s pretty telling! They also released a 12-point list (which I guess is appropriate) detailing the organization’s major gripes with the New Jersey Republican Governor, notably his decision to cut state funding for Planned Parenthood.

One other item was particularly amusing:

Christie’s budget cuts targeted poor and working families and included: $46.5 million taken from Tuition Aid Grants, a college aid program for students from low-income families, $537,000 from the Wynona M. Lipman Child Advocacy Center in Newark for abused children, and $10 million from Legal Services, which provides much needed legal aid for low income individuals.”

Typical liberals… equating money with love!

And how much of our tax dollars is enough “love” for these people anyway?  For FY 2013, Governor Christie actually increased financing for New Jersey education to $8.9 billion, representing an all-time high funding level. Education spending increased by $2 billion over FY 2012. His FY 2013 budget proposal included a 6% increase in higher education funding! Was any of this consistent with the Governor’s absolutely correct pronouncement that the problem with our education system is NOT money? Nope, and that’s a large part of the reason why this conservative didn’t like the last budget.

But Governor Christie and his Team are undeniably shrewd tacticians. They designed those increases to strategically blunt any criticism from liberal groups like EMILY’s List and the NJEA who might come after him during Election 2o13 over education spending. 

That’s why EMILY’s List seems more than a little ridiculous today complaining about millions in isolated, relatively minor budget cuts when New Jersey education spending went up by billions of dollars over the last year. To put in terms that those ghouls might understand, we can categorize their reasoning as “partially-birthed logic,” Save Jerseyans. 

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