The official FY 2013 budget does not include $361 million in “unsupported” spending that Democrats wanted but nevertheless fell victim to Governor Chris Christie’s veto pen.

It’s balanced. It doesn’t raise taxes. But it’s still way too big for any fiscal conservative to endorse, Save Jerseyans. But now it’s law.

Governor Christie signed a $31.7 billion FY 2013 budget a short time ago.

Our FY 2012 budget was $29.7 billion after veto-related cuts. So this budget is $2B larger than last year’s final product, folks. Ugh…

Highlights (or lowlights, depending on your perspective):



12 thoughts on “CHRISTIE SIGNS $31.7B BUDGET; $2B INCREASE OVER FY 2012

  1. What in the hell is he doing? He promised to run like a one termer and now he's pandering without cause.

  2. He stepped into the political fray and now his original intentions are being clouded. He should have never accepted the republican gov leadership position or w.e it is and he should have cleaned up this state hard and long in order to fight the reversal of economic and social implosion. Instead he has stepped into what he promised everyone he would not do and that's worrying his time away about another four years in office. One can only hope he'll REALLY show some deep color in his next term.

  3. That's exactly to be expected from a Whitman Republican like Christie. This man thought nothing of raising tolls (directly and indirectly), taking gift cards away from us, and fining us up to $1,000 for not putting our dogs in carriers in our vehicles. It should come as no surprise that he would have no problem putting his John Hancock on such a pork-filled budget.

  4. So the $2B increase was mostly to education? No, he's not under pressure from the unions and NJEA. I'm sure he knows a 2B increase isn't necessary. How can costs be going up that much in one year?

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